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ISCO Treatability Testing

Bench Scale Treatability Studies/Treatability Testing

The Chemical Oxidations Laboratory at Washington State University has been conducting ISCO treatability studies for 25 years. Having published the first refereed journal paper on ISCO in 1990, we are the leading ISCO research lab in the United States. With such long-term institutional knowledge of ISCO, we can optimize your ISCO treatment, with potential cost savings when going to the field. We have conducted treatability studies for most of the major U.S. consulting firms.

The WSU Chemical Oxidations Laboratory has all of the equipment needed to conduct thorough treatability studies including ISCO reagents, an ozone generator, reactors, and analytical equipment. We can design a treatability study for you, or carry out your treatability study plan.

Advantages of Using the WSU Chemical Oxidations Laboratory for Your Treatability Study

  • Over 25 years of experience in conducting treatability studies
  • Most knowledgeable lab regarding ISCO process chemistry
  • Treatability studies conducted by Ph.D. level personnel (Dr. Watts and Dr. Teel)
  • Detailed report provided, describing results with a thorough explanation of what occurred based on the ISCO process chemistry

For more information on treatability testing or to obtain a quote, contact Dr. Rick Watts by email or by telephone at (509) 335-3761.